Our Team

Among the top reasons our students decide to enroll with us is our professional staff, who are involved in their educational process every step of the way. We work diligently with instructors from other companies as well to provide the best possible outcome for your training growth. Get to know more about each of our team members below.


Owner / Instructor

Justin is the owner and founder of Clover Firearms Training LLC. Right out of high school he joined the United States Air Force to serve his country. Spending 6 years on active duty with a tour in the middle east serving during Operation Enduring Freedom, Justin understands the importance of being well prepared for any and all obstacles. 

Justin is a highly certified and well-rounded instructor with many national and international organizations. He believes with everything in him that his purpose on earth if to help others and what better way than to help others help themselves? He is a staunch Second Amendment advocate and believes that training and discipline are the foundation for a safer firearms owner, and life in general.  

Going by the mantle of the Tactical Leprechaun, this Irish American knows how lucky he truly is to be able to teach his fellow citizens.

Certifications and Memberships:

NRA Basic Pistol Shooting

NRA Gun Safety Seminar

NRA Range Safety Officer

NRA Refuse to Be a Victim Seminar

Sabre Civilian Safety Awareness Program

USCCA Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals

USCCA Emergency First Aid Fundaments Course

USCCA Countering the Mass Shooter Threat

USCCA Elite Member

Associate Member of the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (IALEFI)

UTM Civilian Instructor (Among the first 50 instructors in the USA)

National Train a Teacher Day Volunteer
NRA #211855390

Courses can be found in the menu bar for information and registration. 


Instructor/ Owner of The Strength to Overcome

Audrey's passion to help people reveal the strength they never knew they had is matched only by her love for speed on anything with wheels. As a strategic and sensible daredevil of sorts, she has dedicated her life to teaching people to realize their strengths through fitness, self-defense, and firearms. 

Her background in Exercise Science is part of what led her to meeting her mentors in the personal protection industry, first as a client and then being sharpened as an instructor. She believes that success in any pursuit begins with a humble and eager enthusiasm for learning and perfecting the fundamentals.

Audrey embodies the mindset of having "the strength to overcome" all obstacles. 

She is a NSCA Certified Personal Trainer and USCCA CCHDF Instructor

Contact Audrey if you are interested in personal training, both in person and online. 


Instructor/Owner of Hardpoint Training LLC

Hutch is a certified U.S.C.C.A. Instructor, and the founder/owner of Hardpoint Training LLC.  He served four years in the United States Marine Corps as an Aircraft Rescue Firefighter.  His time as a firefighter helped him understand the importance of training, and preparedness.  Constantly training for a job that you pray you never actually had to do, he takes the same approach to firearms training.   

He has been shooting, and training for over ten years getting his start after purchasing his first handgun at the age of 21.  “I have been teaching steadily for about two years now, and have found a deep passion for what I do.  I love seeing the confidence build in my students when they really start understanding firearms, and everything that goes into being proficient with it.  Thank you for looking into Hardpoint Training LLC. for your firearm training needs and I look forward to training with all you”.

Hutch is certified to teach the USCCA CCHDF course and is also available for private training.