How can I register for a class?

If you want to sign up for one of our courses simply send us an email, call, fill out the contact form on the website, or register by finding our course on the NRA/USCCA training websites.

Can I bring my children to these courses?

We are committed to training anyone from the age of 10 and up. Anyone under the age of 18 however must be accompanied by a parent and both must pay the full price for the course.

I have a physical limitation...can I still take the courses?

We are dedicated to training any and everyone who seeks to use their second amendment right to train to become a more efficient and safe firearms handler and owner. Give us a call to discuss your limitations and we will find a training program that works for you, whether it be a group course or private training. We WILL find a way.

What happens if I have to cancel, or the course gets canceled on me?

Typically we do not issue refunds for training, however if either of these issues occur we will grant a "credit" for a future course.

Do you accept credit cards?

YES. We accept cash, checks, and credit cards. Credit card payments may have a service charge.

Do I have to sign a waiver?

YES. Even if a course does not have any force on force training, or live fire you still must sign a waiver.

I've never even held a gun before...is that a problem?

NO! Even if you have ZERO experience with firearms or any other device used in our courses we STILL want to train you! It's NEVER too late to learn, and its NEVER a bad idea to exercise your second amendment right!

What about Military Discounts?

YES! We are proud to offer military, law enforcement, and first responders a 10% discount on all courses. Must have valid ID.