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Train for everything, and you'll be prepared for anything.



Committed to Education

Our aim at Clover Firearms Training LLC is to ensure that all able bodied Americans have the skills and education necessary to protect themselves and their family. With nationally recognized training curriculums from the NRA, IALEFI, the USCCA, and Sabre Red, we will do everything we can to ensure you are ready for anything. 

Whether its general information, concealed carry training, advanced skills, beginner knowledge, or skill progression, we have something for everyone.

We operate mainly out of the Pittsburgh PA region but will travel for organizations willing to host us. 

For information about the courses we offer please click on the "COURSES" tab in the above menu bar. 

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To find out more information about learning at Clover Firearms Training LLC, contact us today. Religious groups, event planning, bachelor/bachelorette parties and the best training available. 

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I recently took Justin Havens' NRA Basic Pistol course. I have had years of knowledge of how to handle firearms such as rifles, shotguns, and handguns. In this course however there were sections and exercises that taught me a lot that I didn’t know much about (proper bench and standing shooting positions, different bullet calibers and pressures, and all the components of both semi-automatic pistols and double/single action revolvers). Justin did a great job, he was thorough while making sure everyone was caught up with each other.

Josh W. - Feb 2021

National Train a Teacher Day - June 18th 2022

Serving the educational community with free, potentially life saving training

Clover Firearms Training LLC is proud to be a part of National Train a Teacher Day. For more information visit

You are


More likely to be involved in a violent attack than a car crash.


More likely to be killed in a violent attack than you are in a plane crash.


More likely to be violently assaulted than it is your home burns down.

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